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Biography – Cheray Corrado
As an art form, has the power to create moods, provoke opinions and produce reactions. At her home studio in Toronto, this is the design philosophy that Toronto based jewelry designer Cheray Corrado follows in creating and developing her own unique collection of jewelry.

Although she uses precious and semi precious stones in her work, the design is of much greater importance to Cheray then the intrinsic value of the materials she works with. Her ultimate goal is evoking humor, whimsy and rare imagination through the use of striking color and inventive design in each of her pieces, which is what gives Cheray her signature look

When the mood strikes to create, Cheray finds inspiration for her clever designs in familiar and recognizable things from the natural beauty of fresh flowers and the brilliance of diamonds, to the graphic and vibrantly colored icons "Often, it is the materials that can become inspiring and sometimes, it is something else… something, that draws you back for a second look. "My real passion is to take objects or forms that are not normally seen as jewelry and transform them into clever reinterpretations that are wearable and fun. This is what I feel makes jewelry really, truly memorable and valuable. It's my way of inspiring other people to see that jewelry can be beautiful without having to always conform to what is expected," explains Corrado

In addition to her innate sense of style and boundless creativity, Cheray brings a wide range of interests to her design abilities. Today, Cheray continues to be inspired by her experience as she brings her special touch to the creation of memorable jewelry